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For the 2021-22 Season, the Rapids will be providing uniforms to all athletes. This includes 2 jerseys (home & away) and 2 pairs of socks (home/away). We are very excited to work with a local vendor for our uniforms this year; PSH Sports!   

Questions about anything on this page? Email the Equipment Manager

Why the change in the uniform program? 

The new uniform program will bring a number of benefits: increased sponsor fundraising potential with logos sublimated directly on the jersey (no more sewing parties!), bulk production resulting in better uniform pricing, 1-stop shopping for parents during the registration process, uniform consistency, and a consistent arrival time (before the season begins).  

We all know team uniforms are important. Beyond obvious reasons like a visual marker of your teammates on the ice, uniforms foster a sense of pride, identity, unity, equality, and more.  As our hockey program evolves and matures, we will continue to make improvements in this area. In the coming seasons we will roll out guidelines for helmet colors. Perhaps there will be opportunities for custom team gloves and pants or pants shells.  Many coaches already have guidelines for lace or stick tape colors. We always welcome input from our community. 

Age Division Specifics & Costs

8U - There is no cost. All athletes will receive a full set and they are expected to return it at the end of the season. Jerseys will not have player names. There are no customization options and no option for parents to purchase the jerseys.  Reminder: The Rapids gear store has apparel you may purchase and customize for your child. 

10U-18U - The full set is $130. This is part of the season registration fee. Jerseys will be customized to each athlete with their number only. Names will not be printed on jerseys.  


At the time of registration, you will provide 2 pieces of  information:

  1. Jersey Size
  2. Sock size

HOW TO ORDER (10U through 18U)

At the time of registration, you will provide 4 pieces of information:

  1. Jersey Size
  2. Jersey Number
  3. Sock size

This information will be provided to our vendor. They'll produce all the uniforms at the same time.


  • Sept 1 - Registration Deadline. ​​​​​Please note that while some late registrations might be accepted if capacity allows it, jersey numbers on hold from the previous season will be released and consider up-for-grabs on the day after the registration deadline. 
  • 2nd week of October - Uniforms are shipped to Equipment Manager. 
  • 3rd week of October - Equipment Manager distributes uniforms to Coaches. 
  • 1st week of practice - Coaches distribute uniforms to players. 


First off, a little patience as we roll out this program is appreciated.  We're trying to streamline this process to avoid jersey number conflicts and hopefully keep the Equipment Manager sane.  The jersey number table below is pretty darn accurate, but not 100%.

Returning Athletes

Congrats, you already have a number. If you like, then keep it. That's our recommendation.  Please double check one thing. Look for your number in the table below in the column for your birth year. It should be there. If it isn't email the Equipment Manager to get it added. If there are any number conflicts the Equipment Manager will contact you to resolve.  If you want a new number, follow the instructions below as if you were a new player. 

New Athletes
  1. Start with your athletes birth year.  Born in an even year, then select an even number. Odd year, odd number.
  2. Next, take a look at the table below. DO NOT select a number from this table. This is a list of all numbers in use. 
  3. Check back the day after the registration deadline as new numbers will be released. Email the Equipment Manager to make any edits to your number choice. 
Jersey Number Conflict Resolution

In the event of a jersey number conflict, priority goes to the returning player for the team (eg: the 2nd or 3rd year player within the team’s age division). 

Unavailable Jersey Numbers

2003-06 Birth Year 2007-08 Birth Year 2009-10 Birth Year 2011-12 Birth Year 2013-16 Birth Year
42 13 71 42 6
12 16 8 12 13
15 33 16 1 26
28 39 9 22 8
14 21 13 97 14
4 32 23 98 82
25 3 1 45 1
22 30 35 16 11
18 88 17 15 2
7 56 28 28 12
89 15 44 92 33
74 77 88 87 27
3 22 10 11 87
24 2 4 18 44
8 5 31 27 90
12 84 11 20 70
31 14 65 8 71
11 51 66 32 99
61 63 99 67
62 64 68
99 99 99


The new jersey sizing is similar to the existing jerseys, but NOT exact. Follow the instructions from the "How To Size for an AK Hockey Jersey" pictures below.  The general process is:

  1. Grab your existing jersey. Take a look at the construction across the chest. Does it have gussets? 
  2. Measure your jersey across the chest as the pictures indicate below. 
  3. Match that measurement to the chart below to determine size.
  4. Did your hockey player grow over the summer? Was their jersey getting too tight towards the end of last season? If so, maybe go up one size.  
Goalie Jerseys

4 sizing options: Adult S, Adult L, Adult 2XL,  and 4XL. Here's the recommendation:

  • 10U goalies - Adult Small
  • 12U - Adult Large
  • 14U - 2XL 
  • 16 and up - 4XL, especially if they're pushing 6'0" and up


Sizing is based length of your leg between the ankle bone and the middle of your thigh.

  • Small: 21" (8U and some smaller 10U)
  • Medium: 25" (bigger 10U through smaller 14U)
  • Large: 30" (bigger 14U and up)