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Sponsorship Coordinator Opportunity - FILLED

By Rapids Comms, 01/08/24, 11:30AM PST


Announcing an incredible opportunity!  We have an opening for the Sponsorship Coordinator.  Send inquiries or questions to the Rapids Chair.

The Sponsorship Coordinator’s main responsibility is actively finding and maintaining sponsors for the BRYHC program.


Position: Sponsorship Coordinator (reports to Finance Manager)

Term: 2 Years (all Steering Committee roles are 2 year terms)

Steering Committee Voting Privileges: Yes


  • Primary liaison to corporate team sponsors.

  • Contact individuals and businesses to obtain sponsorship money for teams and general sponsorship funds for the club. 

  • Manage the sponsorship process and documentation.

    • Solicits all sponsor logos and maintains a google drive folder with all these assets.

    • Maintains documentation with sponsor brief for Steering Committee access. Contacts, social channels, etc…

    • Write and file annual sponsorship reports to BRYHC steering committee for the benefit of documentation and review.

  • Collect and identify for the Finance Manager all sponsorship revenue

  • Oversee the fulfillment of the sponsorship agreement obligations for each sponsor

  • Work with the Equipment Coordinator to identify opportunities for sponsorship on BRYHC apparel

  • Work with the Tournament Director to identify and implement opportunities for sponsorship at all BRYHC hosted tournaments.

  • Work with the Communications Coordinator to ensure sponsors are recognized at regular intervals in organizational communications channels (newsletter, socials, etc..) or as per sponsorship agreement. 

  • Ensures sponsor logos are appropriately/included placed across organizational materials including Rapids website, physical events such as tournaments, and printed material.

  • Maintains and tracks sponsor signage products and oversees placement and installation at organizational events (tournaments, etc..). Orders new signage as needed.



  • Most importantly your efforts will have a direct effect on the experience the athletes and their families have with the Rapids each season. 

  • You will have a direct say and input in the direction of the club. 

  • Members of the committee with children in the club receive a $1000 credit against their athlete's team fees. This refund/credit is distributed at the end of the season. 



  • Attend Monthly Steering Committee Meetings

  • Contribute the time needed to effectively support the responsibilities of this role. 

  • Provide consistent communications to the designated member of the Executive Committee (Finance Manager).