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Team Fees Announced

By Rapids Comms, 11/10/23, 10:15AM PST


The Team Fees for the 2023-24 Season have been finalized and published on the Season Updates page on the Rapids website. 


Invoices will be emailed in the coming days/weeks. A ‘Registration Deposit' of $400 was required when you registered your athlete over the Summer. When you receive your invoice for the Team Fee, your balance due will reflect your registration deposit. 


You will have the option to pay in full or chose an installment payment plan.  An installment plan will split your Team Fee into smaller, automated payments of equal amounts due over the next few months. The invoice will have the specifics. If you require additional payment terms, please email with your request no later Nov 15.  

Team Fees have increased for the 2023-24 Season. Why?

  • Pavilion ice is more expensive. New rates have resulted in an increase in Rapids practice ice cost of roughly 33%.
  • Rapids pay for ice cuts now.
  • Pre-season ice was included this season. Previously, pre-season ice was invoiced separately as one-off expenses for parents.
  • Super weekends are new this season for some teams. They are not part of Rapids reciprocal ice arrangements. 
  • Some teams are going to more expensive tournaments and more of them. Pay attention to the number of tournaments provided to any given team. In some cases the amount of tournaments provided have doubled since last season. Tournament fees have also increased significantly. 


Why did it take so long to release the Team Fees this season?

Going into each season there are many unknowns had have direct impact on Team Fees. For example, how many tournaments and their cost, ratio of parent to non-parent coaches, anticipated changes to ice allocations, and many other costs that have a high degree of variability.  This season brought additional variables with decisions at the state level (Oregon State Hockey Association) forecast to have direct financial impacts to youth hockey programs here in Oregon. Those decisions were announced in October. With the goal of providing Team Fees that reflect a greater degree of accuracy and value for our athletes and their families, the Rapids chose to wait until those state level decisions were announced, after which Team Fees were finalized.