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Equipment Coordinator Opportunity - FILLED

By Rapids Comms, 09/18/23, 4:00PM PDT


Calling all gear heads!  The Steering Committee has an open role for Equipment Coordinator.  Send inquiries or questions to the Rapids Chair.

Every youth sports organization is governed by a group of individuals with set roles and responsibilities.  Ours is called the Steering Committee. Having committed volunteers serving and sharing in the responsibilities makes a big difference in the success of our youth hockey club.

Steering Committee Open Role Announcement 

Position: Equipment Coordinator

Term: 2 Years (all Steering Committee roles are 2 year terms)

Steering Committee Voting Privileges: Yes


  • Oversees the annual uniform ordering processes.
  • Maintain the equipment inventory. Responsible for all equipment purchases made by BRYH. 
  • Receives and reviews bids for equipment and apparel from suppliers and local stores
  • Maintains relationships with vendors for equipment and some apparel purchases. 
  • Maintains and orders BRYH equipment for the rink (i.e., tires, cones, etc)
  • Participates in the budget planning process
  • Provides expected expenses based on projected team numbers and other specials needs of the annual season program
  • Prepares expense reports for the Treasurer at the end of each season or as requested
  • Maintains storage facilities and equipment stored at each location
  • Oversees quick-change goalie equipment


Committee Membership and Meetings

  • Monthly Board Meetings – 1st Monday of each month, required
  • Chair of the Apparel/Jersey Selection Committee



  • Most importantly your efforts will have a direct effect of the experience the athletes and their families have with the Rapids each season. 
  • You will have a direct say and input in the direction of the club. 
  • Members of the committee with children in the club receive a $1000 credit against their athlete's team fees. This refund/credit is distributed at the end of the season.