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Eugene Ice Session

By Jim Boss, 08/12/19, 8:00PM PDT


Bend Rapids Saturday Eugene Ice Sessions

Saturday, August 17th
Saturday, August 24th
[skip two weeks]
Saturday, September 14th
Saturday, September 21st [Try-out/Evaluation Day #1]
Saturday, September 28th [Try-out/Evaluation Day #2]
Saturday, October 5th
Saturday, October 12th

2:00 to 3:30
On-Ice: 10U & 12U (2007 thru 2010 birth years)
Dryland: 14U & 16U/18U (2001 thru 2006)

3:45 to 5:15
On-Ice: 14U & 16U/18U
Dryland: 10U & 12U

There are three options:

A)  All-in - Lump sum fee $300.  $150 of that fee will be a deposit toward the 2019-20 season registration.  There is no additional cost for try-out/evaluation.  As a result, the net cost for the seven ice and dryland sessions is $150 or approximately $22 per Saturday.  No refunds.

B)  Try-out/Evaluation only - Lump sum fee $150.  This will be a deposit toward the 2019-20 season registration. No refunds.

C) Drop-in - One-time skate/drop-in: $50. No refunds.

Try-outs/evaluations are mandatory for all players.  Players/families will have two options of which to select:

Saturday, September 21st [Try-out/Evaluation Day #1]
Saturday, September 28th [Try-out/Evaluation Day #2]

The first try-out/evaluation session on Saturday, September 21st will be entirely dedicated to this activity. 

The second try-out/evaluation session on Saturday, September 28th will not only accommodate those who didn't make session 1, but will accommodate for our normal practice plan. This means players can skate all seven sessions.  To further clarify, if a player is evaluated Day #1 and wants to skate the following week during "Day #2" that player will either pay the $50 "Drop-in" fee or already be paid up by virtue of the "All-in" payment previously elected.

Sessions will focus on (power) skating, puck handling, passing and shooting drills, compete drills, small area games, etc. Each Saturday also includes a dryland training component opposite the ice session, so players should expect to be at the facility for the full 3 hours. Please note: all players need to be USA Hockey currently registered for 2019-20 prior to stepping on the ice (last years USA Confirm# will not work). To register with USA Hockey visit: